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Inquiry: The Solar System


Price (inc GST)$89.50
SeriesEra Inquiry
Release Date1 July 2022


The Solar System inquiry readers allow young minds to explore and compare planets, moons and other objects in our solar system. Give them tools to research and report their findings and have fun with inquiry-oriented activities.

Pack Contents

This pack is made up of the following 10 products:

Mercury: The smallest planet9781741444476
Venus: The cloudy planet9781741440133
Earth: Our home planet9781741440256
Mars: The red planet9781741440409
Jupiter: The red-eyed planet9781741440430
Saturn: The ringed planet9781741442038
Uranus: The sideways planet9781741443134
Neptune: The windy planet9781741443301
Pluto: King of the Kuiper Belt9781741440270
Moons: Natural satellites9781741443868


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