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Phonics A-Z


Price (inc GST)$229.50
SeriesEra Phonics
Reading LevelAges 6+
Release Date1 July 2022


26 books for reading and hearing letters and their various sounds in different positions within words. Balancing both analytic and synthetic phonics teaching practices for wider accessibility.

Pack Contents

This pack is made up of the following 27 items:


Annoying Ants9781741442731
Brave Bob9781741442786
Clever Cat9781741442649
Daisy the Dirty Dinosaur9781741442571
Eddie and Ellie9781741442816
Flick Finds a Friend9781741442755
Grandma’s Garden9781741442632
Hairy Hank9781741442625
Itchy Ivan9781741442588
Jolly Jumping Bugs9781741442793
King’s Kilt, The9781741442595
Little Lizard9781741442670
Meet My Moose9781741442663
Nuts in the Night9781741442809
Oh Look!9781741442694
Polly Panda9781741442724
Queen’s Question, The9781741442779
Simply Scrumptious!9781741442717
Tess’s Tiny Tooth9781741442762
Under The Umbrella9781741442618
Very Heavy Box, A9781741442687
What a Wonderful Day9781741442748
Rex and the Foxes9781741442823
Ready Yoyo, Go9781741442656
Dizzy Lizzy9781741442700


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